Thursday, September 24, 2009

in honor of max's birthday . . .

I have been a super slacker this summer, and every day I think 'I really ought to slap some new pictures up on the old blog' and then the morning dawns anew and it has not happened. Thanks to Aunt Jules for kicking me into gear. At least I know there is ONE person out there who actually checks this thing! Downloading all the pictures off of the camera reminded me of all the adventures we had this summer, so stay tuned for a recap.

In the meantime, our little Max is ONE! Katie and Alex decorated Max's cake.

We spent the morning at the reservoir - how can it be warm enough in September in CO to play in the sand in swimsuits?! - and then came home and put everyone to bed for naps - including Oma and Opa.

Max got to attack his cake before dinner. I thought he might put on a better show if he was actually hungry, but he kept his methodical approach even for chocolate cake. He would examine the cake and then choose the spot - probably based on M&M color - that he was interested in. He'd then go for a little grab and then start the process over again.

I can't stand how cute his wiry little body is, and how different he is from his brother already. Alex is a tank, and Max is just a little string bean, but still so strong and CONSTANTLY moving moving moving. He gives the best sloppy kisses ever, and loves to watch his brother and sister all the time. They are not quite ready for his kind of help with everything yet - when he comes near the train tracks they both yell 'KING KONG!' They do enjoy playing with Max's birthday loot, and even let him play once in a while.


Julie said...

Thanks Kat!

Serena Cherry said...

I can't believe he is already 1! He is so cute! I love looking at your photos and seeing what your up to! Keep them coming!