Saturday, September 26, 2009

retro time

Here's a little fashion show of Max sporting some togs that I believe DAVE might have worn, oh, say 39 years ago or so. No comment on the percentage of polyester in the fabric, but I think Max pulls them off.

One day Katie came on some errands with me in Boulder. We drove down 30th Street to go return something at Macy's, and she spotted 'the ROCKET PARK.' Since learning of its existence, she asks me at least 4 times a week if we can go to THE ROCKET PARK. So, we finally hit it. Scott Carpenter Park has gotten a few updates, but is still just as fun as it was a couple of years ago when WE used to want to go to the rocket park. It will, however, take a few more visits for Katie and Alex to climb up to the top of the rocket. Luckily now that she's played there once, Katie now wants to go back even more.

(Now that I see these photos posted, I'd LIKE to say that it's my camera or a problem with blogspot, but I'm pretty sure that Max's face is indeed just always covered with some kind of goo.)

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