Monday, January 18, 2010

a few christmas highlights

Lots of visitors. The kids had a hard time getting used to just mom after all the fun with Julie, Andrew, Tom, Liz, Mark and Grandma Dorothy. Mag, Kalle and Summer had a surprise layover on New Year's Day, but we were too busy playing to take any pictures.
New train stuff - there are those who might argue that this was really for mom.

Lots of trucks.

A Flamenco dancer outfit for the queen of pink.

Tie dying with Aunt Lizard.

Alex opened all of his presents with the help of Alfie the Excavator car. An excavator hasn't been far from his hands since.


MiaKatia said...

Katie's flamenco dress is awesome! She looks so cute.

Amy said...

So Kat FYI we were looking all over Barcelona for a flamenco dress for you too! Wouldn't that be so fun for you to match. He he he. Lucky for you we never found it.