Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the remainder of the advent activities

This picture isn't about anything in particular; I just love Max's profile after dinner. Those tiny little legs contrast nicely with his big Buddha belly.

Every year the model train club in Longmont has a show down at the fairgrounds. Alex still can't get enough. One of these years maybe we'll win the raffle for the model! - yeah right. At least we're supporting the club.

Longmont has a 'parade of lights.' We didn't last for the fireworks, but Roger had the good sense to set us up on Main Street right out front of Winchell's donuts. The floats were fun to watch - apparently anyone with a vehicle and some lights can enter - but it was not the warmest night of the month, that's for sure.
We decorated sugar cookies - boy does Max like his cookies! He sees that Tupperware container and just goes bananas.

We made deliveries to our friends, and took some candy and cookies up to the guys at the fire station. A couple of firemen - who were HUGE - took us into the garage and let the kids climb in the truck. My posse of friends is not so adventurous, but Katie did eventually hop up in the driver's seat and turn on the lights. I modeled a fireman's jacket for the kids - boy is that thing heavy!

We went with Uncle Tommy to dinner and to check out Zoo Lights. They had a 'Fire and Ice' show in addition to all the lights. The 'Firemancer' totally made us want to 'Vote for Pedro.' What a funny job to have as an adult, but the kids were fascinated. Most of the animals were already in bed, but we did get to pet a couple of reptiles. And of course we rode the train.

We made gingerbread houses with Julie, Tom and Liz. The big picture is the grin on Alex's face after Liz told him to just pop a handful of candy in his mouth - like he needed encouragement! Alex made an engine with a tender and Katie decorated a house with her usual precision. As with most projects, she concentrates and is totally focused on getting things just where she wants them.

We had a sleepover - or two - at Oma's house.

We did a toy audit, choosing toys to go to Goodwill. This is always harder for mom than anyone else.

We drove around many nights checking out the Christmas lights. Maybe next year we'll add our own blow-up monstrosity to the yard. One of the funnest houses is a pair of duplexes in a cul-de-sac that have their lights synchronized to Christmas music, which you can listen to through your car radio.

Sickness and cold prevented a trip up to the mountains for some sledding, but the snow is still here, so maybe I'll feel adventurous one of these days.

Roger's folks sent up a steam-powered tractor, and that is no end of entertainment for all the kids in the house.

We read lots of Christmas stories each night. The book order is one of my favorite things about Katie attending preschool, and Scholastic had a nice variety of Christmas books, telling the story of Christ's birth from different viewpoints and at different levels. We have found some new favorites.

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de Roda Family! said...

Look at your Cute family!! I hope you had a great holiday!! It was SO fun to see Tom even if it was only a minute!