Monday, January 18, 2010

best zoo trip EVER

We took a trek to the zoo last week, and it was terrible - in terms of animal activity. We still had fun, but we got spoiled from all the animals out and about when we went with Julie, Andrew and Lizard a couple weeks earlier. We need the 'animal whisperers' to come back soon so we can actually see animals in motion again.

The lioness was going crazy at the glass of the viewing area. She kept standing on her hind legs and pawing at the window. Did she think Max looked like a tasty snack? He didn't seem to mind, and it made everyone else really happy to see her so close up and personal.

We alternate between the train and the carousel on our zoo adventures. Katie always talks big about wanting to ride on an animal - not yet one that moves up and down - but her face in the bottom right shows how she really feels.

In case you're curious, the temperature at the zoo in the daytime in January was around 40 degrees both times we went. It's just bizarre to see all these animals native to Africa running around in the snow. The giraffes had the good sense to stay inside.

In the upper right Alex is checking out the Komodo dragon with his lunch. It's not a stuffed rabbit, and yes, he did go for the soft underbelly first.

Max is just so handsome he, too, can't stop kissing that cute little face.

We did actually go into Bird World for a change of pace, and some of the birds are pretty tame. This one was sitting on a guy's leg for a while - until Max walked over.

The other animals weren't terribly active last week, but there was one woman who was entertaining for me to observe. We kept crossing paths throughout the zoo, and then ended up in the 'Great Ape House' together. She'd been taking pictures like crazy all day, and then at the orangutans finally huffed: If I don't leave this minute I'm going to be sick! Keeping these magnificent animals in cages is just disgusting! Does she really think her 'brother' the orangutan would have a better life fighting for his survival in a decreasing habitat out in the real world? Alas, no adults with me to poke fun at her with. Katie's not quite ready for sarcasm.


Tom said...

Looks like the December trip was great. Kind of bummed I skipped out on that one.

I'm mildly concerned that Alex spent the day in his apron. Did he have his excavators with him, too?

kat said...

you should be totally bummed you skipped it.

as for the apron, it was 'apron day.' katie was wearing her cupcake apron, so she let alex wear her other one. nice of her to share, no? and OF COURSE alex had his excavator with him. his coat pockets were stuffed with trucks. i believe it was after this adventure that the 'only one truck on an adventure' rule came into play.

Jenifuz said...

What a fun trip! I sooo miss the Denver zoo. Haven't been to the zoo here in the day time but from what I've heard, lots of walking, not a lot of animals! Can't wait to visit Denver again and go to the zoo! Your kids are adorable!!!