Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

I really want to learn the secret to getting more than one kid at a time to actually face me when I'm taking a picture! Max thoroughly enjoyed his day of candy.

Easter bunny and flowers garland hanging in the kitchen.

Coloring Easter eggs with Oma.

Katie's 'Easter baskets' to take treats to friends. (photo by Katie)

Sugar cookies for deliveries to some friends.

My attempt at home-made 'Kinder Eier' - idea and tips from NotMartha. I used a drill bit instead of a Dremel tool - next time, though, I need to make bigger holes so I can get more in the eggs besides just small candies.

Excellent Easter basket for mom courtesy of DiscoMom, who arranges an Easter basket exchange every year. SO PERFECT!

Katie spent the day playing with Polly Pocket - my new best friend as well!

Alex tore himself away from his new crane for the train tracks to look for a couple eggs.

Max quickly discovered how to crack open the plastic eggs and get to the candy. That little tornado is totally a fan of jelly beans, but would start jumping around and laughing when I'd peel him a chocolate egg.
And I now have plenty of candy to keep the Beehives quiet for weeks!

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