Tuesday, April 6, 2010

how mom celebrates spring:

watching tulips fight through the snow;
cutting and soldering glass - small and doinky, but the first projects I've done in a couple years!
chocolate experiments with liquid centers - YUMMMMM! (bad photography, but good mint and caramel centers!);

expanding the sandbox - well, the handyman actually got up from a nap and built this, since he knows of my irrational fear of cutting off my leg with the SkilSaw;
from this:

to THIS!
and, just a side note, 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet - just in case you were going to be off by a factor of 3 like someone who no longer uses any math.

hopefully, the peas will also make it into the ground before May.

1 comment:

MiaKatia said...

Love the glass work! And the chocolates look pretty tasty too :). I love the skill saw, but when I first power it on I have to give myself a pep talk!