Monday, April 19, 2010

in honor of our friends down under . . .

I overheard someone say that there's no point in going to the zoo more than once, because what could you possibly see a second time? Oh, those folks don't know what they're missing! We spend most of our time trying to match the fantastic animal adventures we caught in January, here are the new things we saw on our outing a couple weeks ago.

We caught this bad boy RUNNING!

The spider monkeys were making their way across the top of their cage, often hanging by only their tails.

AND we went into the Lorakeet Adventure for the first time. At one point there were three birds on my arm. Katie was really patient and gentle and had a number of birds grab her finger with their claws. One was not so pleasant and pecked her, but the drama was actually fairly short lived and she came back for more. Go Katie!

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