Wednesday, August 11, 2010

glendo state park

The last week of July we took a little trip up to Wyoming to Glendo State Park with some friends, and it was AWESOME! The reservoir was HUGE! The water level was 126% - the flooding knocked a lot of campsites out of commission, but it sure looked cool. We had the whole beach to ourselves most of the time, and almost the whole campground as well. The drunk Russians added a little spice at night, but otherwise it was pretty quiet.

It was crazy hot, but luckily we had some rain to cool us off in the afternoons.
We did a lot of creating with sand.
And a lot of burying.
Katie is a FISH! She swam and swam and swam, and did a great job in the kayak too.
Alex's blue bucket rarely left his grasp. It got lost in the lake for a little while, but Super Rog came to the rescue and reunited Alex with his favorite lake tool.
Mike's dog rarely left his side. He and Rog took the sailboard out, and Chase followed them, eventually climbing up on the boat. Apparently, sailing with a lab is not the easiest thing in the world.
Court was really great at coming up with different games to play. She spent a lot of time jumping through that floaty - and she and Michael came up with an obstacle course on the beach. I did NOT win that contest of speed.
It was blazing hot most of the time, but luckily we found a little spot to make a fort in some shade.
By the time dinner rolled around each night, everyone was usually pretty cooked. Here are Katie - 'not tired at all' - and Court right before Katie fell asleep AGAIN eating dinner.
I've been a little afraid that RV camping was going to turn our kids into wimps, but OtterPop breaks in the afternoons, ice cream on the dutch-oven cobbler at night, and having a place to lock up boys at nap time have made ME a wimp! Good luck getting this girl into a tent again!
On the way out, we stopped by the Red Cliffs for some jumping. I should have snapped a picture of one of the many signs warning 'NO JUMPING OFF THE CLIFFS,' but there were too many people leaping off the edges to get a good shot. Katie is fearless!

This is one of my favorite trips ever. Great location and easy-going friends to hang out with - I even saw Deb actually relax! Perfect getaway, and only a couple hours away.

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