Friday, August 20, 2010


The Maxster and I ran some errands today. At the DMV, a lady - one of the other patrons - asked if he was my grandson. REALLY? I understand that it IS, technically speaking, physically possible that I COULD be his grandmother, but do I really LOOK like his grandmother?

Note to self: spend less time with toothless people waiting to register cars for their 18 year old sons who have 'had a little trouble with the law,' and more time with the young women, who think I'm cool for trying to knock them off of tubes being pulled behind speedboats.


Jenifuz said...

You do NOT look like a grandma!!

The Stradling Family said...

WHAT? That is CRAZY! You are a spring chick, woman. Forget her!

The Goat Herders said...


Rob's not too excited to go to the temple and have them ask if Wayne (Grandpa) is his brother. lol

I guess it's a matter of perspective. I think you're a cute, fun, energetic mom!!

Yes, blasting around the lake is great fun!

Disco Mom said...


There is a cool but gray-haired lady that picks up a kid in Ginger's preschool class. I immediately thought "Grandma" but then realized no, no, can't be sure. So I got chatting and tried to get her to say but she said, "I'm here for Robert." Not helpful. Later someone else told me she's his grandma. Geez, people, WHEN IN DOUBT KEEP YOUR TRAP CLOSED. Like when people lay a hand on my belly and ask me when I'm due. I want to die but kill them first.

kat said...

it could be worse. someone asked mag the other day if summer was her GRANDSON. hello!