Monday, August 9, 2010

hiking and biking

One of the last Fridays in July we drove up to Lily Lake, just outside of Estes Park. It was the perfect place to beat the heat. The elevation gain is 20 feet around the whole lake - not that we made it that far around. There were just too many rocks, ducks and chipmunks to check out. Definitely on the list of hikes to try again.

I stole one of the YW to come along and help me out, and boy was that the best idea of the day! Her extra hands saved my bacon. The day was perfect, except for not having actual CASH to pay for the ice cream cones in Lyons.

The fun continued that night. Katie earned her bike! We headed down to Westminster for pizza from Cici's and to pick up the princess bike. I'm curious to see how long those training wheels stay on.


de Roda Family! said...

Your kids are getting SO big!! They are too cute, and it looks like you do some really fun things with them! Thank you for letting me "blogstock" you!! I love being able to see what you are up to... you and the other Reese fam!!

Disco Mom said...

lovely! nice wheels katie, way to go! how did she earn it?