Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter mania

I think we've hit on a good Easter plan around here. Saturday we do the candy, so that Sunday we can focus on the Savior. And boy, was there candy!

Saturday we went to Oma's house for an egg hunt and Easter dinner. Katie was the most interested in finding eggs; Summer was the most interested in opening them. Kat was the most interested in hiding things inside of real eggs.

My friend Kari arranges an Easter Basket exchange every year, so I've been on the prowl for fun Easter ideas. I saw this idea on Not Martha. MUCH easier to do than the version of Kindereier I tried last year - also off of her site. I am a little obsessed with surprise eggs. And the insides matched the outsides - between jelly beans and M&Ms, this wasn't too hard to do. (Even Roger noticed that little touch, and that kid never notices when I color my hair!)

The week prior to Easter we had a sugar cookie decorating fest at Margaret's house. I did a few of them with royal frosting - not as delicious, but SO FUN. And still pretty delicious.

We were in charge of dessert on Saturday, so we tried the rainbow cake also found on Not Martha. Such a fun cake to do. And I'm trying to get over the fact that the rainbow did not work out - the colors were still fabulous. (Next time we'll bake it a little hotter.)

We also made cupcakes baked in egg shells (idea from Delicious Days via Not Martha, recipe from Cupcake Project), but forgot to take pictures. The kids plunked in chocolate eggs for the yolks - next time the batter needs to be a little more dense, so the 'yolks' don't sink to the bottom. SO YUMMY. And actually a great size for snacking.

Katie made some cute eggs, bunnies and baskets out of paper to decorate the living room with. It's nice to have a little partner in crafting.

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