Thursday, April 14, 2011

tuesdays with summer

We have been having a BLAST hanging out with Summer - and her parents - now that they live so close to us. A few highlights:

We went on an adventure to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Luckily, I really did my research well so our first trip there was during spring break for EVERYONE ON EARTH. It was way too busy to check out the Space Exploration area, but Alex is now completely in love with . . . miners. Note: when checking out videos of mines on Youtube, watch out for the BBC specials on Australian gold mines. The included footage of where the miners hang out after work is not really the part an almost 4 yr old is - or should be - interested in. We hit the zoo to show off the tigers to Summer, and it happened to be a day when they weren't on display. 2 for 2 here, folks, but the kids still had a good time hanging out together. The lorikeets are back out there, so spring is really here!
This past Tuesday we went to check out the tulips and other spring bulbs at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The kids liked taking all the different paths, watching the ducks, and hunting for turtles in the pond. There is currently a display of playhouses up, and there were a few really cool ones. The Mine Shaft was really cute; the caboose house was naturally Alex's favorite, but I think Roger should start working on a version of the Mesa Verdi house:

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Margaret said...

Summer and I have had a blast hanging out with you guys, too!