Friday, April 15, 2011

super fancy

Are things getting too relaxed around here? Alex took a nap on the dogs bed the other day.

We converted our play structure from the 'castle' to 'indoor chicken hutch,' which naturally is placed in the front corner of the living room. The girls will be big enough in a couple weeks to go outside - and hopefully the chicken coop kit will arrive when they're ready to move. After they move to their permanent condo, the maid will get to do some serious dusting to get all the dust kicked up from the crazy amount of scratching they do. Feeding them worms and bugs continues to be excellent entertainment.

They are all looking a little awkward these days as their adult feathers come in - except for french toast, who is still nice and fluffy. Max's chick is making a pretty good shot at being Queen of the house. I take them outside for an hour or two when it's warm, and so far they stay in whatever small area I originally place them. Yesterday, they would not leave the planter by the playhouse even with lots of encouragement. They are getting pretty fast, but so far I'm still able to catch them to bring them back to their palace in the living room.

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