Saturday, July 24, 2010

alex the excavator

The obsession continues. Almost every day, Alex asks to check out trucks on the computer. When we queued this baby up, he ran out and said 'Let me get Mommy Excavator. She'll really like this one.' What a considerate little man.

If you'd like to know what we sing A LOT around here, check this out:

I don't know how this guys sings the song without cracking up, but we certainly have some fans of his work around here.

Alex has also given everyone around here a truck alter-ego. Katie has been campaigning to become a front loader instead of a dump truck, but Alex isn't budging.

front loader - mom
bobcat - dad
dump truck - katie
excavator - alex
cement mixer - max
backhoe loader - seven
bulldozer - aunt mag
forklift - oma
crane - opa
steamroller - uncle tom
paver - aunt lizard

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