Friday, July 23, 2010

girls' camp

These pictures are a good representation of girls' camp this year. When I went to girls' camp as a YW, it stank. I remember lame crafts - pom poms glued to a stick - and endless hours of free time. A highlight was my friends ditching me to go and try to score with the scouts running the camp.

The girls from our ward are so impressive. The three Youth Camp Leaders did such a great job of including all the younger girls and making sure that everyone was having a good time. I thought I could best Katie and Nikki and throw them in the lake, but I way underestimated them.
(We did a re-enactment since the water off the side of the dock was only ankle deep.)

I thought camp would be a nice little break from my regular routine of having to watch my little friends like a hawk. After a little 1st year from my group wandered off one afternoon, however, I was returned to my regular duties of having my own personal shadow. I was in charge of making fires at our ward campsite, so I guess that made up for it!

Our first years were the nuttiest - the last night their tent stayed up the latest having a 'dance party.' The next morning I asked one of them who had actually trying to go to sleep if I should have poked my head in there and yelled at them. She got the cutest smile and said 'No. I was having fun.' It's going to be great having these new little Beehives added to our class in the next coming weeks.

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