Sunday, July 25, 2010

aunt mag came to town - a month ago

Aunt Mag and Summer came out for a wedding, and we played and played and played.
Alex and Max can't stay away from that cute little cousin - but who can?

We hit the bubble exhibit at the Denver Childrens Museum. The exhibit was not as great as I had hoped, but the little twinner girls were sure cute.

Oma got a little worn out.

We had some fun with water balloons - Summer opted for a nap.

We went back up to the Aluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a little more fun to climb without the Artic wind blowing.


Julie Reese said...

Love the picture with Katie and Summer in matching dresses. And can I say, what a collection of blondies!! I wonder if they will stay that way or go brown/auburn like the most of the Reese's among us :)

Julie Reese said...

I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in September!

Margaret said...

We had a blast. Summer loves playing with her cousins. Now get out here in your house on wheels!