Saturday, July 10, 2010

new mexico

photo by Diana Miles

We met up with the Young clan for the Fourth of July. We had such a great time hanging out with the Youngs - lots of adventures and lots of digging in that lush New Mexico dirt. With the house on wheels we might make it down south more often!

Rog planned a great trip for our first run in the RV - which was originally going to be a camping trip, so reservations were already made. Along the way we stopped by the Great Sand Dunes. HOT HOT HOT! Thank goodness there's water close by. We walked down to the dunes from our campsite the night we got there - just in time for a flash rain storm! The next morning we dug in the dunes and played in the water - and no one even got sunburned!

We visited a bird refuge - I thought of Betsy while we were there. We didn't find too many bird - it's possible we are a little too noisy for birding - but we had a good time walking around there.

We headed east over to Carlsbad Caverns. We skipped White Sands to score a little pool time. Luckily the weather was unseasonably cool - only 90 degrees - and we were underground much of the day. The kids did an amazing job with all the walking.

While we were in Silver City we hit a few of Rog's old haunts. The city pool was even better than he and Diana remembered.

The kids all had fun digging in Grandmother's compost pile. This would be disgusting, except that Silver City is so dry that any organic material is dried to a crisp minutes after it hit the pile.

One morning we met the Goates bunch over at the Catwalk. What a great hike. It was so nice to be near water.

The Fourth of July parade was excellent. Lots of floats, with plenty of CANDY CANDY CANDY. It didn't take the kids long to figure out that you had to move fast if you wanted to get some. (Like the tie-dye, Lizard?)

All afternoon and well into the evening the girls had their own parade in the driveway.

The RV was great to travel in. Afternoon naps were not a problem.

Nothing quite beats a 'camping' dinner of hot pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Our kids have a totally whacked impression of what 'roughing it' means.


Margaret said...

I can't wait to go on a camping adventure with you in your new house on wheels! If I'm invited, of course.

kat said...

you are always welcome. if you lived here you could come with us this weekend!

The Goat Herders said...

I love your picture collection. It was so fun to enjoy the NM trip with you. Thanks for including the catwalk. Surprisingly, in spite of all the trips to NM over the years, that was our first visit there. We really enjoyed it. We look forward to the next camping trip together.