Friday, October 8, 2010

circus time

The REAL circus was in town the beginning of the month. We made it in time to check out the animals before the show - such a cute baby elephant, climbing all over her mommy. Then we got to walk past all the PETA folk to get to the actual show.

Crazy amount of action in the show. All the kids were mesmerized. Max of course loved the tigers. And we figured out how to get him to drink milk - out of a tiger cup. SCORE!

Katie noticed EVERYTHING. 'Did you like the trampoline guys?' - there were 2 levels of 3 trampolines each, with acrobats jumping over each other, from level to level, and through hoops.

Katie: 'There were fireworks on the screens when they were jumping. Different than when the trapeze guys were going.'

Alex loved the 'ball of motorcycles.' They got up to 7 motorcycles driving around inside a metal cage! SEVEN!
I loved the acrobats that jumped on 30 foot planks. Some of them did flips in the air wearing huge stilts - and still nailed the landing.
We were too busy watching the show to even bother taking any pictures. Check out the link to Barnum's Funundrum to get an idea.
It would really be amazing to figure out their arrival time, and watch them move all the animals from the train to their camping spot.

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