Monday, October 4, 2010

first day of preschool - aug 30

After a year of torture, only getting to look at the trucks waiting to dig in the sand at the Memorial Building, Alex finally got to start preschool himself. Alex goes in the morning with Ms. Geri and Katie goes in the afternoon with Ms. Carol. So far we've gone and done lunch at the park nearby for the 45 minutes in between. I'm hoping for a mild winter so we can keep this up. It's a nice way to get a short ride in as well, and the boys like to go searching for construction sites on the way home.

The following day we zipped down to the Children's Museum to check out the bubble display. In case you're wondering, Max doesn't need any help.

Me: Katie, what are you drawing?
Katie: I'm just putting the grey hair on Oma.

Who can resist a tire swing?

I'm so jazzed that everybody loves school - even if it's just preschool. Max doesn't understand why he doesn't get to go yet - the poor guy is just stuck with mom.

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