Tuesday, October 19, 2010

halloween is almost here

Amazing what a difference a 2 year old makes vs. a 1 year old. We've had some time for crafts this season . . .

Glue ghosts - about the easiest thing we've ever made. Make ghost shapes with glue on parchment paper, decorate, let dry for a few days. Ta da.

Reversible table runner.

Halloween skirts - Max just served as a model for a pint-sized skirt; he remains true to the tiger costume.

A few new guys for our halloween tree. The white ghost in the upper left is wearing pumpkin mittens.

Painting pumpkins - true to form, Max chose green and Alex went with blue.

Coffee filters + liquid water color paint = fall leaves.

Pom pom spiders - mom on glue gun, Katie on design and eyes.

Decorating haunted gingerbread houses. (Note to Williams Sonoma: if you're going to advertise a great kit on your catalog, actual have it available for purchase, so psychos don't fall in love with it and then have to replicate it on their own.)

The amount of candy on the houses was riveled only by the amount of candy eaten by Max.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the pictures. I miss you guys so much!

Julie Reese said...

Does Roger know you dressed Max up in a skirt and took photos to share with the world??

Love the pumpkins. I may have to go buy one today. Rumor has it they will be less than the $22 (yes, dollars not cents per pound) that I paid for one last year.

Mia said...

WOW! Love all the crafts. I am book-marking this for next year. The gingerbread houses are amazing!