Wednesday, October 6, 2010

glendo #2

For Labor Day weekend we headed back up to Wyoming for the long weekend. We had such a great time the first trip we decided to do it again with the McKrolas. There were a few differences this time around.

We got a flat tire on the way up - Exit 288 in case you'd like to go check it out. Luckily Mike was behind us, so he and Roger drove around for (what felt like) eternity looking for the parts they needed, while I entertained the troops. If you're going to break down, the RV is the vehicle to do it in. When the games failed, I popped in a movie. These kids have it so tough! We left earlier, but got the flat, so we still ended up pulling into camp at 11 pm. The water line was WAY down. The previous month we were hanging out up by the trees.

We camped down in the trees this time. It was a little cooler this trip - in the mornings we had hot chocolate. The trees did protect us a little from some serious wind storms. Courtney's friend Morgan came along, and she saved my bacon with the kiddos. She needs to come on all our adventures.

Dutch oven pot roast for Sunday dinner.

No change here: we're both still adorable!

Mud pit mania! Courtney, Morgan and Michael spent a LOT of time digging a great mud hole. Deb and I tried to get them to move it closer to the water, but the mud just wasn't good enough, so they went back up to their original spot. They set quite the trend on the beach with the other kids, but there's was still the deepest pit. Rog took advantage of the wind and busted out some kites. He totally looked like the Pied Piper with all the kids lined up to watch. Court got the hang of it really quickly.

Kasey got to come along this time, and Oma and Opa joined us for a couple nights. The rangers didn't even care about the dogs on the beach this time, even though there were a lot more people. Another great camping trip!

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