Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, not really. I save Yoplait lids, and now we have this lovely M&M option for donating for a cure. These small do things do not activists make.

Roger picked up ONE of these gals at the grocery store last night for Katie. Because, you know, Alex isn't quite as into pink as she is. Notice that while the right hand is holding a pink ribbon for breast cancer, the left hand is holding a fan, which is activated by a button. The smart folks out there are already shaking their heads because they know what's coming. Roger didn't, my naive little friend.

This morning Roger presented Katie with this little special something. Alex noticed the button IMMEDIATELY. And went nuts. Understanding begins to dawn. Roger came up with a couple of solutions.

  • Sharing time. Katie and Alex can take turns. Mom could grab a timer and set it for one-minute intervals all day long, and the kids could trade off every time it beeped. (Because 1.5 yr olds are WAY into that.)

  • No one gets one. We could hop into our time machine and travel back 10 minutes into the past, to a world where no one has an M&M guy.

  • Dad could hop back over to King Soopers and grab another one.

  • While I agree that kids need to learn how to share, and also need to learn that they don't always get the same things that their siblings do - and THAT'S OK, as long as one sibling isn't scoring everything at the expense of the other - I'm not convinced that a toddler is old enough to get that. Maybe I just don't give Alex enough credit, because the 'scream fests' did stop - after 2 days of him getting to visit his bed all by himself every time the dolphin noises escaped his lips. Also, Alex is the one who showed Katie where the M&Ms live in these babies - she was happy to have another 'girl' to add to her collection.

    I guess I'm just a wimp. I invited Roger to take Katie on an adventure and go find another one to restore peace and order in my universe. Well worth the $4. And for a good cause to boot!

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    Goat Herders said...

    It just makes me smile to hear how Roger's handling the parenting juggle. You would think all that college would come in handy in such instances - instead you are usally just clueless. Always something new! I love the foot/handprint pictures. We would need a full poster board to fit all our kids in!