Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fun with aunt mag

(I'm pretty sure Katie is the photographer for this first picture.)

Aunt Mag - more appropriately known about these parts as the 'baby whisperer' - returns home to CA on Friday. Here is a brief recap of her stay. There will definitely be a lot more crying without her extra arms to rely on. I am just not as good at 'wrestle mania' as she is! Here are a few of the highlights.

Fabulous new hair cut and highlights from Sam.

Katie and Mag making princess crowns. Katie sure has a thing for that glitter glue. Mag was able to control herself a little better.

Katie and Mag sewing together.

We hit the zoo with Uncle Tom a month ago, but according to Katie that was a 'long long time ago,' so we needed to go again with Mag. Being the queen of persuasion, she talked me into the merry-go-round AND the train. Maybe next time she and Alex will actually ride on one of the moving animals instead of the boring chariot.

Today we hit the pumpkin patch. Much to Katie's chagrin, we did NOT have our costumes ready to do it up right. She managed to survive somehow. The kids had fun feeding the goats, painting pumpkins, and riding around in the wagon. Katie had fun in the bounce castle - once all the other kids left. Silly goose!

Thanks a million Mag. The t-shirt doesn't lie!!!


Serena Cherry said...

Aw, that makes me miss Margaret so much! I miss both you guys. Way to get out and do stuff. I was doing a lot of that until the sleep deprivation really took it's toll. Now I am lucky if I can reach the front door with all the clean laundry lying around waiting to be folded!

Betty Grace said...

Wow. That's a lot of going. What full lives your children have. Mag rocks!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the tribute. I had a ton of fun with you and your babies. See you in a couple months!

Dave Reese said...

We want Aunt Mag to visit us now!