Friday, October 24, 2008


Nice call, Mag. While Mag was out here, we went out to get some yarn so she could finish a project. Not willing to let her outspend me, I found a cool mirror and some picture frames to try and jazz up our naked walls. The mirror, however, had a gold frame. Not my style.

We hit the Depot for some help. I was thinking brick red, but Mag talked me into blue. I love how it turned out. It's funny how what I have pictured in my mind is rarely how things work out in the real world. Instead of a dark mirror placed horizontally on the wall to balance the room, now there's a vertical blue mirror.

Here are some of the frames. They ended up to the left of the mirror and the artwork executed by our German friends.

This little project turned out way better than anticipated as well. And check out the size of the paws on Alex. He's almost a year and half younger than Katie, but his hands are almost as big as hers, and his feet aren't too far behind!

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Margaret said...

Your walls look great. I didn't picture the frame on its side but it looks even cooler that way. Very nice.