Sunday, October 12, 2008

fun with grandmother and granddad young

(Somehow this post got lost in the cue.)
On September 24th Grandmother and Granddad Young arrived at our house from NM to welcome little Max. It was great having them up here for a few days. Roger and his folks got to spend a day up in the mountains. We all went out to breakfast one day at our version of a Silver City cafe.
Donna, Mag and I went to a quilt show, complete with my posse in tow. I'm sure I struck fear into the heart of every quilter there when I handed Katie and Alex some lollipops to work on while we checked out the booths. I got a few stage-whispered 'why didn't she get a sitter?' comments - I can only imagine the comments my mom got with her group of 7!
Roger and Robert took Jethro - '63 GMC - to the dump. Robert gave Roger the secret key on how to make the truck actually drivable. I hesitate to suggest that I will be able to drive it, but it should be less of a workout for Roger now.
Katie and Alex loved having her Young grandparents visit; they were both particularly smitten with the 'house on wheels.' With an RV, we might actually survive a trip of our own down south to Silver City!

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