Thursday, February 26, 2009


This year we - me and the mouse in my pocket- have been trying to do at least one 'adventure' a week. Adventure meaning GO SOMEWHERE. Above you see our trip to the Stock Show back in January with Oma. The petting zoo was naturally a huge hit. Luckily we got to walk around trying to decipher poorly marked signs, pushing and dragging a double stroller, in order to find said hungry animals. This adventure also counted as 'exercise more' for mom.

We are still getting our money's worth out of our zoo pass. This winter has been so mild that we've been able to get there about once a month. In January we finally ventured into the Tropical Animal House. The snakes and the alligators were a huge hit.

Sometimes mom gets to go on her own adventures. The pottery-painting joint in town has added other firing projects to their menu of choices. They now fire glass - but only if you use THEIR glass, so I'm fighting the urge to indulge since I have plenty of glass for fusing - and have a silver clay setup. The silver clay could be totally addictive if I were a little more creative. And independently wealthy. Creating something - anything, except for dinner :) - really helps me maintain a little sanity.

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Disco Mom said...

I LOVE my custom "Disco Mom" silver clay necklace - way to keep up the crafty amidst the chaos. I think one adventure a week is also totally ambitious!