Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sunday Alex scored the honor of being the first Young child to get a hair cut. His cute curls in the back were looking too much like a mullet for his hyper mother, so she grabbed the scissors and cut the rat's nest off. She is now regretting that decision, and wishing she had just grabbed a squirt bottle and tried a little more humidity instead.

Also, over the weekend I did my first chocolate party. Margaret 2 was put to work showing off her tempering skills. No big revelation, but I have no problem talking to a group of strangers, especially about chocolate. I just don't like being pushy about getting people to play hostess and set up more tastings. Luckily I have no illusions about making a million dollars pushing chocolate - just enough to cover my own habit. I should be able to swing that without too much pain. Anyone want to justify a trip to Utah? or California? . . .

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Serena Cherry said...

I can't guarantee that anyone will buy a chocolate achine, but we would love chocolate out here in Baltiore...what do you think?? ha, ha!