Sunday, February 8, 2009

happy birthday katie

Katie is 3! Here she is wearing something completely uncharacteristic - pink pink and more pink! This is naturally her favorite present - thank you Oma - and she will undoubtedly be sporting this little number for as long as she can get away with it. I'll try to remove it from her body on laundry day, but success is not a given. 'Isn't this a lovely dress? This is the most beautiful dress I ever saw!'

She chose a princess cake for her birthday cake. She did throw in a little surprise by choosing Snow White, instead of her beloved Cinderella. (The photographer needs to work on her close up shots - sorry about the lack of focus.)

Thursday night Katie and Alex had a sleepover at Oma and Opa's house in honor of the big event the following day. It ended up being more of a present for me - Alex woke up with the flu. Oma got to put her superpowers to work playing nursemaid to Mt. Vesuvius. We'll go hit the Children's Museum another day. The kids are just as happy to spend the day playing at Oma's house anyways. Lots of movies and games - what could be better?

Happy Birthday Katie! We love you and we're so glad you're in our family. You are a great big sister, and you're always entertaining. I love that you sing all day long.

(Sorry that the video is sideways - there surely must be some way to rotate it. I just needed to get the full effect of the outfit up close. I have more video of her birthday that I'll try to post for you folks from out of town, so you can feel like part of the action.)

This morning Katie opened up a fun new nightgown from Aunt Julie, and this evening Oma and Opa brought up a few more presents. Katie asked if there were going to be more presents. Hopefully Monday won't be too big a let down when life gets back to normal.


Julie said...

I'm glad to see it arrived on time! And it looks like it actually fits. Never too sure with those long legs of hers!

Tom said...

Great video. Always fun to see pics of the little ones.

The Goat Herders said...

I think you have the cutest, happiest, pinkest princess ever! Happy Birthday, Katie! What lucky kids to have such good parents!

Betty Grace said...

cute. she is getting so big!!

MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!