Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just got called to be the Beehive advisor. This should be an interesting time, since I haven't been in Young Women's since I WAS one. I taught my first lesson on Sunday. Topic? Homemaking. Once I got over my own hyperness about the antiquated stories used as examples in the lesson, it actually turned out pretty well. The girls are all pretty sharp and fun, so I really think it's going to be a good time.

The ironic part? For dinner last night the kids had a 'picnic' in the living room of yogurt and strawberries while watching Sleeping Beauty. Certainly not what Martha would do, but the kids had a blast and the laundry all got done.


Betty Grace said...

Hey I just got called as YW secretary. We'll have to swap ideas.

Serena Cherry said...

You will be great. I got called in the stake YW pres and I a dying! Just think, it could be worse. Although there are soe fun things coing up. (argh, the letter after n is not working due to a little water spillage last night!) Anyway, reeeber you were always y favorite RSP!

Disco Mom said...

But we all know Martha is severely over-rated. It's easy to make a home without tikes; what does she know? I think a living room picnic sounds awesome - I am way to mess-phobic to do that. I have enough to clean already. You should, on occasion when you come up for air, visit Tona's YW leader blog - "for LDS young women's leaders who want more than clipart and cute. Substantive, positive, caring, smart." It's right up your alley.