Wednesday, February 25, 2009

one way to make me completely lose my mind

Most of the time, I feel like a reasonably intelligent adult person. I don't use much of my brain on any kind of a regular basis anymore, but when called into action, it usually responds in the proper manner. Sleep deprivation changes the speed at which answers are computed, but the correct answer is usually reached.

EXCEPT at a portrait studio! I lose all ability to think straight. I continually get sucked in by the $9.95 package deal.*

If there were ANY truth in advertising, that fine print would read something like '1% of customers actually walk out of here choosing that package. Surely you're not naive enough to think that you will come anywhere close to this price. You know that you can never choose just one pose. We'll do our best to get your kid to smile, and you'll pay more than you wanted to, but later you'll be OK with it.'

I know I'm not getting out of there spending only 10 bucks. I have some self-awareness. But should it really be a question between pictures and a flat-screen TV?

I really should just invest some time in becoming more proficient with PhotoShop. I recognize, however, that I am NOT a professional photographer, and it is nice to mark each child's growth with a real portrait once a year.growth. What I really need to do is work some 'kat math' on myself. I need to PLAN on spending $500, and when I come in under that, feel great about how much money I 'saved.'

Here is our little 3-yr-old Katie. Trust me when I tell you that she does indeed have teeth. In the presence of pediatricians and photographers, however, she can neither speak nor fully smile. Maybe she was just worn out after a morning of singing and dancing.


MiaKatia said...

Katie is a beautiful lady!!! Love the pictures.

I accepted last time I took the family in for pictures that the 10 deal was never going to happen to me in my lifetime. I now "PLAN on spending $500" and remind Forrest repeatedly how frugal I am when we come in under the budgeted amount!

kat said...

you are very wise, oh grasshopper. i should have learned this lesson earlier, changing my buyers remorse into a celebration of frugality. luckily i'll be headed back (AND NOT TO SEARS!) for more portraits for the boys for the next two months, so i can practice my new-found wisdom.

Mark said...

What you need to do is ask for "the group rate." Just tell them that there are 2 more that will need pics and if they will work something out. Then all 3 will be under $500 and you can still get the flatscreen.

Also I'm loving the word verification I got ... barfin

Serena Cherry said...

I have a sister who is stealth about getting the best deal. I wish I had her gumption! She also goes to a lot of trouble in order to get that perfect pose. Some people are born to walk into that Sears portrait studio. I, however, was not. We spent way more than we were supposed to for our family portrait. The biggest problem was that I over-spent on clothes for the photo before I even got there! Oy...Sears. This is why we don't get yearly portraits! They dangle your beautiful child in front of you and you can't resist. I mean, who could? Your Katie is quite the little beauty. She's worth it.

Betty Grace said...

CUTE- well worth the $$

Disco Mom said...

Wow, what a little lady she is, so gorgeous! I remember this was a problem with her baby pictures as well and I'm just surprised you're still trying to kid yourself. I've still never taken the kids to a Sears/JC Penny/Target kind of studio - they make me nervous and I don't think my own professional photos ever came out well as a kid so I just figure they'll mess it up. But the pictures of your kids are always so cute. Hazel's getting school pictures this year at preschool in a few weeks, so that will be my test run and if they're cute maybe we'll go to a studio.