Saturday, April 25, 2009

aunt mag is coming to town

I figured I could remove the poll finally, since about one day after I put it up Mag bought her ticket to come and visit! (The winning answer, by the way, was 'won't the trip pay for itself in baby gear?') We are happily counting down the days until her arrival, when phase 2 will begin in person.

We need to give Mag the 'PROS' of moving to Colorado. Your help is being solicited.

  • Houses larger than 500 sq ft are actually affordable in CO. And most include basements with drum-playing capabilities.
  • Availability of babysitters: Oma, Opa, and Aunt Kat
  • Adventure potential: Aunt Kat again
  • Fun with cousins: Katie, Alex and Max are happy to take up the slack until Kat and Griffin move out here.
  • Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon making dark chocolate raspberry truffles - and then being able to eat them because your gestational diabetes is gone. Also discovering that when the manufacturer says the capacity is 1 1/2 lbs, they aren't kidding.
  • While waiting for the chocolate to melt, picking out adorable little sweaters to have knit for your cute little baby-to-be.
I would have tried to tout the magical properties of Longmont, sighting among other things the home-town feel we have here, and the fact that it's a nice safe place, but the stabbing that occurred on Monday at the park nearest our house makes me think I need a new selling point.

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