Friday, April 17, 2009

casual easter

We celebrated Easter this year by taking Katie to the emergency room. She really did just have the croup, or a 'croupy cough' in her words, but after Alex's adventure last month, any retraction in their breathing is taken seriously. We missed out on church, so the Easter clothing fashion shoot will be coming soon. Alex was a trooper, and didn't let his sleeping sister stop him from hunting for eggs, and devouring the contents. It was nice to learn that there is a limit to how much candy he will eat. After he had his fill, he'd run around the living room looking for eggs, shake them, and then carefully put them back where he found them for later. He was not interested in gathering the eggs, just in locating them. Katie was feeling good enough later to make it up to Oma's for egg hunt #2. Maybe we'll use some of the candy for Halloween - or just turn those Dove eggs into more truffles!

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