Friday, April 3, 2009

travel adventures

Margaret and Kalle recently went here.

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Tommy just got back from here.
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Now that it's spring, we decided to drive to Utah on what turned out to be the first snowy weekend of the year.
Our departure was delayed for a few hours, due to the above, but a short 13 hours later we arrived in SLC. Friday we hit the pool in the hotel - FREEZING! - and Moochies for some Philly cheese steak and meatball subs. We also increased our chocolate storage up to - by Roger's calculations - 10 years. That night we went over to Rob and Cynthia's. Josh got to play babysitter for Katie and Alex, and got to watch Sleeping Beauty for the first time. The big kids went out to dinner with some neighbors. The women in the bunch were very excited to see Roger not only married but now sporting 3 children. Apparently they had done there best on his summers in Utah to get him hitched. It was great to see with our own eyes that Cynthia is really doing well with her treatments and that she's so healthy. We are very grateful for that.

Saturday we hit IKEA, a store which NEEDS to be in Colorado NOW! All our searching was finally rewarded: the kids now have some new bunk beds. And we only had to drive 1000 miles to find them. The duvet covers are all done - I was trying to channel Julie and get creative, but in the end I just put a stripe down the front of each one. Maybe the next round of bedding will be a little fancier.

Saturday afternoon I had a chocolate party with the Hall girls, and then we had a candy-making fest. We even created a new center: butterscotch fondant. In demonstrating how to rescue a crumbly batch of fondant, I somehow caramelized the sugar a tad and turned it into butterscotch. It tasted great, but what are the odds that I can ever duplicate that little mistake again? The kids got to see Grandma Kathy - Katie was not feeling too social, but Alex at least waved hello. We'll have to try and get copies of some pictures to prove that at least one Young child - Max - smiled for grandma.

The trip home started out with a little blizzard in Utah - Parley's Canyon was closed in the morning - but that gave us a chance to hang out with the Angells for a little while. The drive home only took 9 hours, and the pedal wasn't even hitting the floor. The kids survived their first real road trip with flying colors. I don't know that we're ready to take this party out to CA yet, but I think it at least could be done without too much trauma.


Serena Cherry said...

Sounds like fun. I am a little more than jealous of Margaret! Utah is a close second though! Plus that chocolate description made my mouth water!

Margaret said...

I hope your crew will be able to handle a two-day trip this summer. We'll be ready for you!

Tom said...

Someone has got to go to these crazy places. Since you're married with kids and are supposed to be responsible now, I figure it's up to me to be the traveling fool. (And it was a LOT of fun, by the way.)

I should have been a little quicker posting my pics. You could have used one of them to highlight my travels.

Betty Grace said...

Sounds like a good trip. Sorry we weren't able to connect. I've never heard of Moochies. Must try!